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Sunday, November 09, 2008 by Gilang Wicaksono

dari konser mereka di atalanta nov 8
oleh beautiful_dirt986

I just got off my plane from Atlanta, so I'm back home.
The concert was fantastic. I was against the rail between Toshiya and Kyo so I had a great view.

I went at six in the morning and there were already 18 people lined up.

Kyo was wearing a mask before the concert on this day as well.
However he didn't seem sick or anything on stage. He performed really well and lingered around a bit after the set.

My friend had a model of Kaoru's guitar (Not sure which one, one of the black ESPs) and was holding it whenever Kaoru, Shinya, and Die walked past us. Kaoru noticed and later got their translater to come to my friend and get the guitar, because Kaoru wanted to sign it. (I couldn't believe Kaoru REQUESTED to sign something.)
She brought it back an hour or so later and it was signed by Die and Kaoru and there was a pick from each of them in the case.

We got a five song encore and Gaika.
Toshiya was EXTREMELY active.

During Concieved Sorrow Kyo moved the mic away from his face and just sang his heart out, with so much passion. It was probably the most beatufiul thing I've ever witnessed. (I'm a pussy because I cried I was so moved. >>)

And the whole "BUY UROBOROS AND GET IT SIGNED" thing seems like bull.
They signing lasted less than five minutes, if I'm not mistaken. And I couldn't find a single person who got their album signed.

Also, they sold out of posters, stickers, "UROBOROS" shirts, and almost sold out of "TRTA" shirts. There were no wristbands for sale.

Wanna know anything else, just ask.

wah kaya'nya keren ya
kyo pake mask??
ga sabar pengen liat agitated scream of maggots unplugged!! aq dah ngerasa kalo versi livenya ntar pasti lebih bagus dibanding singlenya

kaoru pasti kaget di amerika ada yang beli gitar signature seriesnya, pantesan dia mau manggil n kasih tandatangan
concieved sorrow keren!!!!

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